Travel Tips for Turkey
  1. First, - Buy a phrase book and learn a few commonly used words in Turkish. Your effort will be greatly appreciated by the locals
  2. Good Morning - Günaydın
  3. Thank you – Tesekkur Ederim (TESH E CURLER)
  4. Hoşçakal! (HOSH-CHA-KAL)
  5. Yes – Evet
  6. No – Hayir

    1. Second - Respect the Culture – Turkey is a secular state and lots of people are open minded and have the freedom to live how they choose. But please be aware of how you conduct yourself in public and especially around mosques and religious area.


    1. Third - Holiday like a local – By using public transport, shopping in local markets, and acting like a local you will get so much more out of the experience and save money too


    1. Fourth - Carry Cash – Always have some cash on you as the internet or card machines cannot always be relied upon.


    1. Fifth - Embrace the Hospitality – When you are in Turkey you may be offered tea, coffee or snacks at the drop of a hat. If you are shopping, waiting for your takeaway or simply just passing. Take time to accept what is offered. They may just be wanting to practice their English and want nothing more in return


    By following these simple tips you are sure to have the experience of a ifetime.