20 Facts about Turkey
  1. Batman is a city in Turkey.


  1.  Santa Claus was born in Turkey! (He was called Saint Nicholas back then). Saint Nicholas of Myra is the primary inspiration for the Christian figure of Santa Claus. He was a 4th century Greek Christian bishop of Myra in Lycia, a province of the Byzantine Anatolia, now in Turkey. Nicholas was famous for his generous gifts to the poor.


  1. Sabiha Gökçen was the world's first female fighter pilot and the first Turkish female combat pilot.


  1.  Turkey was home to many now extinct languages, including the Hittite language - the earliest Indo-European language for which written evidence exists.


  1.  If you visit Istanbul, you must eat a special ice cream cup called Kup Griye at Baylan: Founded in 1923, Baylan is exactly as old as the Turkish republic.


  1.  After London, Turkey has the second-oldest underground railway in the world – the Istanbul Tünel.


  1. The Turkish alphabet is missing X and Q, but makes up for it with extra letters like the dotless i: “ı”.



  1. Turkey has 1650km of coast going along the Black Sea - about the same distance from Paris to Berlin.


  1. At 18km long, Patara plajı is the longest beach in Turkey, often used to shoot desert scenes for films


  1. At 783,562 km2, Turkey is 3.2x larger than the UK


  1. Turkey is home to Mount Ararat, where Noah’s Ark supposedly came to rest.


  1. Two of the world’s seven wonders, the Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, were built in Turkey.


  1. Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two different continents.


  1. Adam in Turkish means “man”


  1. Cherries were introduced to the World from Turkey


  1. Tulips were introduced to the World from Turkey


  1. Turkey has one of the biggest and oldest malls. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, dates to 1455


  1.  İztuzu Beach, just west of Fethiye, is a major breeding ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle.


  1. Oil Wrestling is a national sport


  1. Turkey introduced coffee to Europe in the 1500’s. The ruling Ottoman Empire first introduced coffee beans to the Italian people and from there it quickly gained popularity before spreading to the other European countries.